Payment, Guidelines & Additional Information for Tenants

At Cooper Properties, we want all of the residents in our campus student accommodations to be informed about our policies so they can make the best possible decisions with regard to their housing. Pertinent information on everything from payment due dates to parking policy is below.

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Tenant Portal

You can access our Tenant Portal directly on your computer by clicking on the link on the top right corner of our website. Or download the app for your smart phone by clicking below.



Rent payments are due on the first day of each month.

How to Pay

For your convenience, you can make payment to Cooper Properties online via our Tenant Portal. Online payments via our tenant portal are free if drawn directly out of a checking account (there is a fee if using a credit or debit card). Online payments are credited instantly to your account and may be set up as an automatic monthly payment. You do have the option to mail a check to our office – Cooper Properties, 3820 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43214 – but we do prefer all payments to be made online via the Tenant Portal.

Renewing Your Lease

Current tenants can renew anytime they wish by just calling our office. By renewing early, tenants have the benefit of:

• No pressure to find another place
• No moving costs
• No daily showings of your unit
• No additional security deposit

Security Deposit Returns

Security deposits are returned in the form of a single check. It is up to the tenants to designate which of them we should make the check out to.

Rental Insurance

Cooper Properties recommends that all tenants have renter’s insurance to cover any loss that may occur due to theft, fire, water damage, etc. We do not cover loss of tenants’ personal possessions.

Renter Guidelines

To help you and your roommates have a great renting experience with Cooper Properties, please follow the guidelines below at all times.

School Breaks

If you are planning on leaving town for any of your school breaks, please be sure to keep your heat on so the water pipes do not freeze. Otherwise, you may return to a flooded unit with burst pipes and significant damage. Other measures to ensure your unit’s security when unoccupied:

• We recommend that you take any expensive items with you during school breaks.
• Make sure your doors and windows are locked.
• Use a light timer that has alternating on/off times while you are gone to make it look like someone is home.
• Have your mail stopped at the post office and pick it up on your return.


If you are planning a party, please use your best judgment as to whom you invite. Remember that you are responsible for the actions of your guests! We require that our residents have no more than 20 guests at a time during any parties. There should never be anyone on the roof at any time.


You must have a parking pass to utilize the off-street parking for your unit. Cooper Properties has contracted with Complete Impound & Recovery to monitor our parking lots and for towing services. You can reach Complete Impound & Recovery at 614-276-8500.


Please dispose of trash properly by placing it in a designated trash receptacle. Any tenant leaving trash outside their door or house runs the risk of attracting rodents and insects.


Please keep all indoor furniture inside and only use outdoor furniture on porches.

Moving Out

Upon moving out, in addition to cleaning your unit, please make sure you have attended to the following items:

• Pay any outstanding balance with Cooper Properties
• Return all keys and parking passes to our office
• Provide a forwarding address for your security deposit return information

Disposal of Furniture

The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio accepts furniture and other household items, which they donate to families in need. All items must be clean and in working condition. For more information, please visit the Furniture Bank’s website.

Household Cleaning

Per your lease agreement, please keep your unit clean for your own health and safety, and the health and safety of your roommates and neighbors.

If you have additional questions about tenant requirements and rent payment, please feel free to reach out to us at Cooper Properties.

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