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William Cochran

Rented with Cooper Properties for 12 months, and had a great experience with them. Very quick at responding on emails, and maintenance calls. In addition, professional and willing to work with you on moving in/out and other needs. Nice guys (Adam and Matt), and if situations arose to rent from them again, I would choose them.

Hayden Parrill

Being a renter with Cooper Properies was a pleasant experience. They were accommodating and always quick to responding and fixing any issues we had in the house or with payments. Did not experience anything negative that most other OSU students do renting with other companies.

Nik Wolford

Renting through Cooper Properties was an all-around great experience. They were very professional and always responded to our inquiries in a timely manner. Overall a great experience.

Lauren Haas-Gehres

Adam Cooper was excellent to work with. He was professional and thoughtful every step of the way. It was a breath of fresh air to encounter a businessman in his line of work who is kind and fair. Thank you!

Nate Fernandes

Maintenance is amazing and super responsive. We never had any issues. Landlords were extremely responsive to everything we needed as well.

Leah Sutherland

I am a current tenant and am repeatedly impressed with the level of care & attentiveness to my concerns. The owners are quick to respond to any requests I have made. The maintenance team is friendly & accommodating. In my history of leasing both personally & professionally with my business, never had KRG, HER or Wagenbrenner compared. I've never experienced such quick remedy and support in a management team before. It brings ease and peace of mind, like renting is supppsed to! I am so pleased to be working with Cooper Properties & highly recommend considering them for your home.

Emanuel Barnes

Great management Team, they are always quick and reasonable to respond with any problems we may have had. We lived in an apartment of theirs for a year and it was great.

Dalton Flanagan

I rented with Cooper Properties for two years and had a really great experience. The apartment was great, maintenance was always timely, I never had any issues, and the team was friendly and accommodating. I'd highly recommend their properties to OSU students looking to move off campus.